The eyewear craftmanship

The craftsmanship in our daily life, in artistic productions and in rural tradition is no longer alive as long as time ago and we have witnessed the disappearance of ancient trades and professions.
However, there are sectors in which craft production is an added value, or better a must, for example in jewelry, in high fashion, in the processing of art glass, in embroidery, etc. etc. In these sectors, the love for craftsmanship has not lost ground, but has even more consecrated the essential link with a production opposed to the serial one.
Here the craft product is enriched with emotional suggestions, uniqueness, with great attention to detail.
Ancient techniques are used but made compatible with today’s technological progress.
Eyewear is one of these sectors in which the typical processes of Italian manufacturing production live extensively.
The production of eyewear combines traditional techniques with a style that is always modern and refined, made unique by tailor-made details and precious materials, handmade.
The craftsmanship for the production of the frames enhance the quality of the glasses and return a unique product. Behind all this there is a great attention to detail, each eyewear is different from the other even for small details or small differences in color and are a testimony of the fine craftsmanship.
Wearing a handmade eyewear means wearing a product of exception, authentic and unique, and certified.
More than a pair of glasses is a jewel that embellishes the face.