Acetate eyewear

The glasses have always been more than an accessory: they are the mirror of the wearer’s personality. They can be eccentric, elegant, fashionable, vintage, extravagant … the range of models and colors is endless! You must only choose your personalization.

One of those materials that allows such a large variety of glasses and the freedom of Designers to free their imagination is the ACETATE.
It’s a material that you can work easily and especially ensures lightweight glasses and ergonomic shapes, comfortable to wear.
But did you know that the starting material from which acetate is obtained is cotton?
Yes, you read that right … cotton, so acetate is a NATURAL material.

More in detail is obtained from cellulose, an organic fiber.

The process is not the easiest: the cotton is dried, then it is reduced to cellulose powder to which acetic acid is added. Then colored, shaped and transformed into rigid plates …. From here on, the processing of the frame starts, we move on to the artistic and handcrafted part of the eyewear production, without forgetting that we have in our help the latest generation machines that support all the processing steps.

Acetate guarantees maximum freedom in shapes and colors.

Just like a Painter with his palette, the Designer has no limits to the creation of ever-changing colors. Even classical effects such as the “tortoise shell” can be reproduced and effects of depth, three-dimensionality with layers of transparency and nuances can be created.
If you want to enhance the strength of your face, if you want to attract attention, if you want to stand out as class and elegance or have fun wearing the strangest shapes … acetate allows a choice of infinite glasses!