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From Cadore in the heart of the Dolomites, your eyewear factory.

Master’s was founded in 1987 in Santo Stefano di Cadore (Belluno – Italy), initially as a small family workshop located in the historic garage in Via Vittoria 17. Since then, Master’s has grown to become one of the most advanced factories in the sector, being able to combine the “manufacturing” tradition with cutting-edge technologies. On 1 January 2017 Master’s inaugurated its new headquarters in the Industrial Area of Cima Gogna in Auronzo di Cadore.

The progressive growth of the company is due to the combination of the solid work experiences of the founding members: Errico and Marzio. Their choice of basing production entirely in Italy with 100% “Made-in-Italy” materials has been rewarded with important achievements.

At the same time, Master’s could count on the reliability of its staff, scrupulous and attentive professionals who every day contribute to the improvement of processes and results.

Through the continuous search for quality and a wide distribution in many renowned Optical Companies, Master’s has succeeded in constantly acquiring market and credibility internationally, specialising in the artisanal manufacturing and production of plastic eyeglasses and sunglasses, that is, in cellulose acetate and a “cellulose metal” combination.

Quality, continuous research and innovative modelling have always been the pillar of the company. The solidity of these pillars allowed the company to grow despite the serious crisis of the eyewear industry in Cadore, in contrast with the rest of the market.

Master’s offers its customers the option to customise products with their name or logo.

For this reason, it is able to provide peculiar solutions to specific needs, interacting with the customer in the design phase and responding to every market need.

Master’s also offers complete after-sales services, including the supply of any spare part for the frame.

We like to think that through our company the customer can learn more about the healthy and unspoilt territory of Cadore, of which Master’s is a true expression. We invite you to contact us to see our reality more closely as at Master’s, WE ARE WHAT YOU SEE.